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History - The Genesis of Our Plan

Each year over one thousand earthquakes are
recorded in Washington State.

Fifteen to twenty of these earthquakes
are strong enough to be felt.

Nisqually Quake February 28, 2001 magnitude 6.8

Hurricane Katrina Gulf Coast & New Orleans August 2005

Magnolia Community Disaster Preparedness Meetings February and March 2006
2004 Barb Graff, new director of Seattle Emergency Management begins work.

2006 QA Magnolia District Council responds to request for Second Tier District Disaster Response Plan.

April 2006 QA Magnolia District Council - City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods Emergency Preparedness Subcommittee meets for the first time.
SDART (Seattle Disaster Aid and Response Teams) groups become SNAP (Seattle Neighborhoods Actively Prepare) groups.

2007 QA Magnolia District Council sponsored Second Tier Planning Group gathers to begin planning.. Our group includes representatives from the District Council, Seattle Emergency Management, Department of Neighborhoods, and various community groups.

We received a grant from Seattle department of neighborhoods to assess vulnerabilities and potential resources in the district.

With this grant, the group produces full color, detailed maps of neighborhood threats and resources, a letter to neighborhood businesses, and houses of worship requesting cooperation with our project, and various other materials.

We received commitments from many neighborhood businesses and other resources confirming their desire to assist the community in a disaster.

We studied other groups and attended meetings...
SNAP groups
Amateur Radio Emergency Service and Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service(ARES and RACES)
West Seattle Emergency Preparedness Group
University of Washington Hospital Medical Services in a Disaster

We studied other plans...
Seattle Disaster Readiness and Response Plan
University of Washington Campus Emergency Management Response Plan
University of Washington Multi-Year Strategic Plan for Emergency Management
University of Washington Crisis Communications Plan
Bartell Drugstore Emergency Response Plan
Boeing Company Disaster Preparedness Plan
New York Public Library Disaster Plan Workbook
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Business Continuity Plan
American Red Cross, Bay Area Chapter Disaster Response Web-Based Communications Project
US Food And Nutrition Service (Fns) Commodity Program Disaster Manual

Many of these plans are available online. Please contact our group if you would like to view or discuss the plan's contents. info at SeattleDisaster dot org

Contact the QA - Magnolia Planning Committee at... info at SeattleDisaster dot org