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Disaster Communication Hubs

Our plan includes the placement of community bulletin board kiosks such as the ones in the Westcrest Off Leash Park in West Seattle (pictured here).

Westcrest COLA kiosk disaster hub kiosk These hub kiosks were inspired by the plaintive messages that were posted on fences around the Twin Towers area of destruction after 911, and the many homemade lost animal posters we see on telephone poles all over our neighborhoods.

This is a reliable way for residents and city services to communicate with each other in a prolonged time of no power or phone service, and a permanent place to display disaster preparedness information for the community.

Our group is currently seeking sponsors and funding to support the construction of these kiosks. We will be happy to speak to your group about this plan and the civic opportunities it presents.

To donate, volunteer, or arrange for a speaker, please contact us via email:
info (at symbol)

Contact the QA - Magnolia Planning Committee at... info (at symbol) SeattleDisaster. org